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City of Seattle

Off-Leash Area User Survey

The City of Seattle is conducting a one-year pilot of a program in which dogs are allowed to be off-leash in seven sites within the City. As part of that pilot, we are doing on-going monitoring of the sites to check for environmental, noise, safety and health, and user impacts; impacts on nearby neighborhoods; compliance with leash laws within and adjacent to the sites as well as city-wide; compliance with dog licensing laws; and user satisfaction. We invite your participation in this survey which will be repeated quarterly. You may provide your name and address if you choose; this information is not required.

1. In which neighborhood or geographic location do you live?

2. Do you, or members of your family, regularly exercise your dog?YesNo

Where do you usually exercise your dog? How Often? (Check all that apply)
Location Daily 5-6 days per week 3-4 days per week 1-2 days per week
I. City off-leash area
1) Blue Dog Pond (I-90 Park)

2) Genesee Park

3) Golden Gardens Park

4) Lower Woodland Park

5) Magnuson Park

6) Volunteer Park

a. Behind art museum

b. West side of park

7) Westcrest Park

II. City park without off-leash area

III. City Streets

IV. My own yard

V. King County off-leash park

a. Marymoor Park/Redmond

b. Luther Burbank Park/Mercer Is

VI. Other site(s) not listed

4. If you use one or more of the city's pilot off-leash sites, how far do you travel to reach the sites?

5. How do you usually travel there?WalkCycleAutoBus

6. What time(s) of the day do you use the off-leash area?MorningAfternoonsEarly EveningLate Evening

7. Please describe any positive aspects of the off-leash areas you use:

8. Please describe any negative aspects of the off-leash ares you use:

9.Do you have any suggestions for changes to any of the areas during this pilot phase?

10.Are you involved with the COLA stewardship group at your favorite off-leash area?YesNo

Would you like to be involved?YesNo

(If so, contact COLA at 233-1333 for your site steward's number)

11.If the off-leash program does NOT continue past the pilot stage, how will you exercise your dog? Walk my dog on-leash at all timesContinue to exercise my dog and risk citationDrive to King County off-leash areaOther

12.Number of dog(s)you own:Breed(s):

13.Is your dog licensed by the City of Seattle?YesNo

If not, please tell us why:

14.How frequently do you obey the City's "poop-scoop"law?AlwaysUsuallySeldomNever