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The Future of Magnuson Park

The Mayor's proposed plan for Magnuson Park/Sand Point area was submitted to the Seattle City Council on 9/13/99. The plan proposes moving the Magnuson off-leash area to the southern end of the park with a pond instead of lakeshore access. Also, there is no interim plan for the off-leash area that would preserve our nine acres and lakeshore access.

COLA is working together with the Magnuson Off-Leash Advocates to ensure that we have the best off-leash area at Magnuson for many years to come. We will have a graphic of the Mayor's proposed park design as well as the alternatives that were presented to the Council on this page as soon as possible.

The Magnuson Off-Leash Advocates recently sent a survey on Magnuson off-leash issues to City Council candidates. Click on the candidate's name to read the survey and their responses.

Cheryl Chow

Charlie Chong

Jim Compton

Curt Firestone

Alec Fisken

David Lawton

Dawn Mason

Judy Nicastro

Peter Steinbrueck

Thomas Whittemore

Heidi Wills