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COLA Questionnaire

Charlie Chong, Position 7

October 6, 1999

1. Tell us about your experience with dogs.

Mary and I have had three Bouviers. The died over two years ago but Mary is not ready to replace him.

2. Which off-leash areas have you visited?

New Genesee. Until two years ago, we spent Sundays at Mary’s mother’s home in Snoqualmie where our dog had 2 acres to run and a creek to splash in. Now – we hope to use an off-leash area in West Seattle.

3. How would you balance the competing desires for dedicated public spaces such

as ballfields, off-leash areas, boat launches, etc.?

I would rate people walking with or without dogs as among the highest values. Certainly higher than ballfields which now serve only restricted number enrolled in leagues, or boat launching which serves that smaller percentage of people who own boats – as compared to the larger percentage who have dogs. Besides, while sports and boating are entirely recreational, dog ownership is in many cases a necessity for protection and health.

4. Seattle Municipal Code states that the Volunteer Park off-leash area is a temporary site, but it will remain open until another location on Capitol Hill can be found for a permanent off-leash area. If no other location can be found on Capitol Hill, as a Councilmember would you vote to make the temporary site a permanent site?

(Did not answer question)

5. How would you allocate funding amongst competing city-sponsored recreational

activities: i.e. ballfields, off-leash area, boat launches. etc.?

See above (answer to #3)

6. Given that off-leash areas have proved to build community, deter crime, and provide a place for voting, taxpaying citizens to recreate with their family and pets, where would you support siting additional off-leash areas?

I believe every neighborhood has to have an off-leash area but I don’t think they always have to be part of existing parks although they enhance them (who wants to bother women or children when people with dogs are nearby?).

7. When you are elected to the Seattle City Council, will you vote to support off-leash areas?


8. If you don't respond to this survey, can we assume that you believe dog

off-leash-areas are "for the birds"?

No. Candidates are deluged with long, detailed questionnaires. I assume to opposite from the questions: that my record of support should be known without a questionnaire.

9. Please add any comments you would like to share with our members and


The social part of off-leash areas is a significant cultural change much needed in our city.