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Curt Firestone for City Council Position 5 (Friends for Firestone)
708 33rd Ave S
Seattle, WA 98144
206-329-1048 fax


1. Tell us about your experience with dogs.

I grew up with dogs as pets. We had three different dogs during my childhood. My wife and I shared a dog who was our very close companion until it passed away after living a long and happy life. Tasha played an instrumental role in bringing us together as a family. She was also the neighborhood dog and her passing resulted in a large gathering for a memorial service. One last point, Tasha and I went everywhere together for many years.


2. Which off-leash areas have you visited?

I have visited the off-leash sites at Genesee and Blue Dog Pond. As a member of the City Council I expect to visit and support all of the off-leash areas.


3. How would you balance the competing desires for dedicated public spaces such as ballfields, off-leash areas, boat launches, etc.?

The needs of pet owners should be given equal consideration when determining the use of public spaces. All forms of recreation (including the exercise of your dog) are important ingredients to a successful parks program.


4. Seattle Municipal Code states that the Volunteer Park off-leash area is a temporary site, but it will remain open until another location on Capitol Hill can be found for a permanent off-leash area. If no other location can be found on Capitol Hill, as a Councilmember would you vote to make the temporary site a permanent site?

If no other location can be found, I would vote to make Volunteer Park a permanent off-leash site. I would also want to determine the best location in Volunteer Park for the site.


5. How would you allocate funding amongst competing city-supported recreational activities: i.e. ballfields, off-leash areas, boat launches, etc.?

Seattle doesn't have the number of parks that other cities its size do. I would work to increase funding for public spaces. Certainly the needs of pet owners would be given high priority.


6. Given that off-leash areas have proved to build community, deter crime, and provide a place for voting, taxpaying citizens to recreate with their family and pets, where would you support siting additional off-leash areas?

Not only do off-leash areas build community and deter crime while providing a recreation for families, but also studies have shown that people who own dogs are healthier and live longer. I am in favor of expanding the number of off-leash sites in our city. I would work with COLA to determine the exact locations.


7. When you are elected to the Seattle City Council, will you vote to support off-leash areas?

Yes. I would vote to support off-leash areas.


8. If you don't respond to this survey, can we assume that you believe dog off-leash areas are "for the birds"?

Dog off-leash areas are not for the birds. Off-leash areas for birds are in abundant supply in all our parks and open spaces. I oppose all on-leash areas for birds.


9. Please add any comments you would like to share with our members and supporters.

When elected you can count on my support. I am proud to have the support of Ira Sacharoff and other progressive minded residents.