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Citizens for Off-Leash Areas (COLA)

1999 Seattle City Council Candidate Survey

Question 2. Which off-lease areas have you visited?

(Judy Nicastro) Ruckus and I have been to the off-leash areas of Volunteer Park and Woodland Park. 

(Thomas Whittemore) I have been by the Woodland Park site. The Golden Gardens site is the only one I have been to on several occasions. I am aware of other sites based on Exhibits A-R of city ordinance 118724. At those times visiting the Golden Gardens site I was representing the Ballard District Council, surveying the site and expressing its concerns, including those of Friends of Golden Gardens. When I took on the role of President of the BDC, a resolution had been passed which opposed the specific Golden Gardens site. Opposition was based on the community’s already established usage of the site, concerns about and the environmental sensitivity of the location, e.g. the proximity of a water resource and slope stability.

(Curt Firestone) I have visited the off-leash sites at Genesee and Blue Dog Pond. As a member of the City Council I expect to visit and support all of the off-leash areas.

(Bob Hegamin) None. Since I don't have any friends in Seattle who own dogs, my normal relations with those friends don't offer any reasons to visit off-leash areas.

(Peter Steinbrueck) I am not a dog owner today, and therefore do not frequent the city’s off-leash areas. However, I have toured and observed off-leash areas at Genesee, Magnuson, Upper Golden Gardens, and Westcrest parks. My legislative assistants are dog owners, and are very attune to the need for useable off-leash areas.

(Lenora Jones) I have not visited any.

(Alec Fisken) I, or members of my family, have bisited the off-leash areas at Volunteer Park and Magnuson Park

(Margaret Pageler) I've been to Blue Dog, Genesee, Luther Burbank, and Marymoor. The granddogs also use Volunteer Park and Magnuson Park

(Heidi Wills) I have regularly visited Volunteer Park's off-leash dog area. I jogged around it regularly when I lived on Capitol Hill. If elected to the Council, I would like to tour all the off-leash areas.

(Dawn Mason) I am familiar with the Genessee off leash area. I have not been in it. I don’t have reason to frequent off-leash areas because I have not been a dog owner for many years.

(Cheryl Chow) I visited the Genesee park pilot site.

(Charlie Chong) New Genesee. Until two years ago, we spent Sundays at Mary’s mother’s home in Snoqualmie where our dog had 2 acres to run and a creek to splash in. Now – we hope to use an off-leash area in West Seattle.

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