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Citizens for Off-Leash Areas (COLA)

1999 Seattle City Council Candidate Survey

Question 5: How would you allocate funding amongst competing city-supported recreational activities: i.e. ballfields, off-leash areas, boat launches, etc.?

(Judy Nicastro) I will allocate funds in a fair equitable manner. We do not have enough parks and open space. I support the city maintaining current parks and purchasing more.

(Thomas Whittemore) I will allocate funding on a basis of proven need and the equitable distribution of city assets for recreation. My decisions will be based on the priorities of neighborhoods and community associations who have a record of devoting their time to building a more vital city for everyone. I plan to support an open space/parks bond to increase the available funds for implementing much needed projects.

(Curt Firestone) Seattle doesn't have the number of parks that other cities its size do. I would work to increase funding for public spaces. Certainly the needs of pet owners would be given high priority.

(Bob Hegamin) Funding all the different demands for public spaces requires assessments of each demand. I would establish a point system for funding based on community inputs for and against such projects.

(Peter Steinbrueck) There is limited funding for public recreational activities, and increasing demand. City-supported recreational opportunities need to be fairly and equitably distributed among all user groups. Additional funding for parks and open space could be obtained through a bond measure, a Metropolitan Parks District, and possibly through user fees for and/or voluntary maintenance and upkeep programs.

(Lenora Jones) #1. Ballfields #2. Boat launches and off leash areas!

(Alec Fisken) (See response to question no. 3 above)

(Margaret Pageler) We need to find a fair way to charge users of off-leash areas a nominal fee to cover the cost of maintenance, as we charge most user groups for other dedicated parks spaces. However, the basic park maintenance cost should be part of the city's responsibility to provide recreational opportunities to our citizens.

(Heidi Wills) Please see response to question 3.

(Dawn Mason) These are not competing activities. There is adequate open space for all of these uses. COLA simply needs an advocate on the city council who is willing to examine all options, talk to all parties and with them develop proposals that allow all citizens to enjoy our public spaces.

(Cheryl Chow) I would review participation usage within the overall parks operational and maintenance budget.

(Charlie Chong) See above (answer to #3)

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