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Citizens for Off-Leash Areas (COLA)

1999 Seattle City Council Candidate Survey

Question 9: Please add any comments you would like to share with our members and supporters.

(Judy Nicastro) As a dog owner, I utilize the off-leash areas for my dog, and am aware of the need to expand them throughout Seattle's parks. I will remain committed to this, and fully support these if elected to the City Council.

(Thomas Whittemore)It has come to my attention that some members of COLA have been misinformed regarding my positions on off-leash areas. I hope my answers have helped clear up the confusion. This last year I did oppose the installation of lights in Golden Garden due to the fact that it would cause increased use of an over utilized resource. My suggestions during meetings with COLA and the Parks Department were that improvements at the site should come first. I believed the area needed recovery time in the winter, and lighting would exacerbate the deterioration of the space. Once a berm protected the nearby water source, bare ground was restored and older trees set off from a debilitating process of soil compaction , then lighting should be reconsidered. I also favored consideration of a proposed relocation site down the slope, closer to the Burlington Northern railroad tracks, reclaiming a parking lot and restoring it as open space for recreational off-leash use.

(Curt Firestone) When elected you can count on my support. I am proud to have the support of Ira Sacharoff and other progressive minded residents.

(Bob Hegamin)

(Peter Steinbrueck) As a member of the city Council, it is my job to represent the interests of all citizens fairly and equitably. I believe in informed decision-making and setting public policy for the broadest public good. I have met several times with COLA members to learn more about their issues and concerns. I will be accessible in the future should issues arise.

(Lenora Jones) Just this past spring at a school playground a dog took the top of a little boys head off. That dog should have been on a leash, and should not have been on the playground with the children and without an adult.

(Alec Fisken)

(Margaret Pageler)

(Heidi Wills) I am a huge animal lover. The city can certainly provide off-leash dog areas for dogs and their owners, and I will be an advocate for all animals in this city and for pet owners. Animals enrich our lives and help people live longer and more satisfying lives. I hope everyone will have the opportunity to love an animal in their lifetime.

(Dawn Mason) I believe that dogs and their owners should have access to public space where they can enjoy one other. Dogs need space to roam and run. The city should support responsible dog ownership by providing space that is ample and well-maintained for dogs to play without physical restraints.

(Cheryl Chow) As stated above, I have supported and voted for off-leash sites since the pilot program. I believe it is an urban amenity that should and could be provided to our citizens in our recreation services.

(Charlie Chong) The social part of off-leash areas is a significant cultural change much needed in our city.

A reminder from COLA -- Don't forget to vote!