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COLA Survey of 1999 Seattle City Council Candidates

Judy Nicastro

4010 Woodland Park Avenue N

Seattle, WA 98103


1. Tell us about your experience with dogs.

I have a six-month old dog, Ruckus, whom I adopted from the Humane Society. I got him after my 15 year-old dog Hurly died. My family has always had a dog while growing up.

2. Which off-lease areas have you visited?

Ruckus and I have been to the off-leash areas of Volunteer Park and Woodland Park.

3. How would you balance the competing desires for dedicated public spaces such as ballfields, off-leash areas, boat launches, etc.?

I would work with community members and organizations such as COLA to discuss how this is best achieved. Our parks are for everyone and I believe there can be a balance.

4. Seattle Municipal Code states that the Volunteer Park off-leash area is a temporary site, but it will remain open until another location on Capitol Hill can be found for a permanent off-leash area. If no other location can be found on Capitol Hill, as a Councilmember would you vote to make the temporary site a permanent site?

I would support keeping the area in Volunteer Park a designated off-leash area if no other space on Capitol Hill could be found. Volunteer Park is a large enough park to have an off-leash area, as well as the SAAM and walking/leash areas.

5. How would you allocate funding amongst competing city-supported recreational activities: i.e. ballfields, off-leash areas, boat launches, etc.?

I will allocate funds in a fair equitable manner. We do not have enough parks and open space. I support the city maintaining current parks and purchasing more.

6. Given that off-leash areas have proved to build community, deter crime, and provide a place for voting, taxpaying citizens to recreate with their family and pets, where would you support siting additional off-leash areas?

The City of Seattle and City Council should look into additional off-leash areas in city parks in each of Seattle's neighborhoods.

7. When you are elected to the Seattle City Council, will you vote to support off-leash areas?


8. Not applicable

9. Please add any comments you would like to share with our members and supporterS.

As a dog owner, I utilize the off-leash areas for my dog, and am aware of the need to expand them throughout Seattle's parks. I will remain committed to this, and fully support these if elected to the City Council.