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COLA Membership Form

Note:    This form will be e-mailable ASAP.  But, for now, please consider printing this and sending it in.   Please call the COLA hotline at 206- 264-5573 if you have any questions.  Thanks!!!

To join COLA and recieve COLA mailings, please print and complete the information below and mail to:
P.O. Box 80672
Seattle, WA 98108

Day Phone: Evening Phone:
City: State: Zip Code:
Fax: Email:
Dog Name(s):
Annual Membership:$10 Individual $15 Family $25 Supporter
Donations at any level are welcome!
Please make your check payable to COLA.

We need you - This is a volunteer run organization!
Check any off leash area stewardship group(s) you would like to serve on:

Magnuson Park Upper Golden Gardens Lower Woodland Park
Volunteer Park Blue Dog (I-90 Lid) Genesee Park
Westcrest Park North Beacon Hill * City Light ROW #3 *
Northacres Park *

* Not Yet Open Sites
Northacres = NE 130th St. & 1st Ave NE
City Light ROW #3 = S. Cloverdale St. & Martin Luther King Way S.
North Beacon = Jose Rizal Park OR Jefferson Park Reservoir OR City Light ROW #2