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COLA is currently working with the Parks and Recreation Department and neighborhoods to open three new off leash areas. The areas were approved by the Seattle City Council in the ordinance that established the off-leash program. Seattle Department of Parks and Recreation was unable to move forward with opening these areas due to budget limitations. However, there is funding in the 1999 and 2000 budgets for these areas.

COLA needs volenteers to help open these sites. If you can volunteer some of your time please call COLA at 206-264-5573 or send us an e-mail at

The three new areas are……..

Northacres Park (Northwest Seattle) - this site is the northeast corner of the park at North 130th St. and I-5. It is approximately 2.75 acres in size, roughly rectangular in shape and 200' by 600' in dimensions.

We have had a public meeting at the Northacres site. The City will be conducting a site design workshop on November 4, 1999. For more information, please click here.

Beacon Hill (Southeast Seattle): One of the following three areas on Beacon Hill will be selected for an off-leash area:

 East Duwamish Greenbelt (Southeast Seattle) - portions of the Jose Rizal Park and the adjoining East Duwamish Greenbelt are being proposed as off-leash areas. And open level areas and a strip of unused roadway adjacent to I-5 included in the proposal, extending from I-90 south to S. Holgate Street. There is a sharp topo break and a steep slope up to a play structure. There are slopes of 40 degrees or more, and some gentle slope areas. The site is accessible through Jose Rizal Park and potentially from S Holgate Street. The greenbelt is a large area with trails.

 Jefferson Park Reservoir (Southeast Seattle) - the proposed site is a grassy strip of land owned by Seattle Public Utilities immediately west of the Jefferson Park Reservoir and bordered by 13th Ave. S on the west. The area is accessible by a service road to a pump station. The area measures approximately 800' by 200'.

 City Light Right of Way #2 - (Southeast Seattle) - the 1.5 acre site is on City Light property at Columbia Dr. S, north of S Pearl Street, extending to Beacon Ave. S. City Light will required continued access to two transmission towers.

City Light Right of Way #3 (South Seattle): The 1.3 acre site is located at the southwest corner of S Cloverdale Street and Martin Luther King, Jr. Way S. City Light will require access to two transmission towers.

For more information on these areas, please call COLA at 206-264-5573 or send an e-mail to .