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We're opening three new off-leash areas! (NEW!)

There's an upcoming design workshop for the new off-leash in Northacres Park. Click here for information on all three new areas or here for the Northacres workshop.

Magnuson Update (NEW!)

The Mayor's Office recently submitted the draft plan for Magnuson Park to the City Council. What does this mean for Seattle's largest off-leash area? Click here to find out what we're doing to save off-leash and what Council candidates think!

City Council Candidate Survey!

COLA recently sent a survey on off-leash area issues to candidates for Seattle City Council. Click here to see the results!

What is COLA?

Citizens for Off-Leash Areas (COLA)is a 501(c)3 non-profit that was formed to obtain and maintain off-leash dog exercise areas in Seattle. In June 1996 COLA entered into a formal agreement with the City of Seattle to steward Seattle's off-leash areas. In September 1997, the Seattle City Council voted 9-0 to establish permanent off-leash dog areas, giving COLA the responsibility of maintaining and stewarding the sites.
COLA was formed in February 1995 by tax-paying citizens seeking off-leash recreational access in some of Seattle's nearly 400 parks, and who believe taking their dogs to supervised off-leash areas is a legitimate recreational and social activity.
COLA members include:
* People with an interest in particular recreational areas
* People interested in strengthening their neighborhood communities and promoting community based activities
* The dog owning community in general
* People concerned with the humane treatment of dogs
* Other organizations working for similar goals

COLA (Citizens for Off-Leash Areas)
P.O. Box 80672
Seattle, WA 98108
(206) 264-5573